Don't let adversaries hide in your network.

Catch and contain threats that traditional security tools can't. Expand your network visibility and proactively hunt through it with real-time, AI-powered threat detection. Streamline your investigation and response.

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Reduced False Positives and Efficient Alert Management

The solution focuses on low false positive rates and intelligently aggregates alerts into logical security incidents, enhancing the efficiency of security operations centers and reducing the burden of alert fatigue.

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Integration with Existing Security Infrastructure

NextRay NDR complements existing detection solutions, providing additional layers of security and enhancing overall network defense capabilities.

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Comprehensive Detection Capabilities

NextRay NDR employs advanced behavioral analytics and machine learning to detect abnormal system behaviors, offering a robust detection mechanism that goes beyond traditional signature-based systems.

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Enhanced Post-Breach Investigation and Response

NextRay NDR is adept at identifying and investigating post-breach activities, such as insider threats or lateral movements, thus enabling a faster and more effective response to security incidents

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Adaptability to Various Network Environments

With its flexible deployment options, NextRay NDR is compatible with both on-premises and cloud networks, ensuring seamless integration and consistent security across different network architectures.

NextRay NDR Dwell Time

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Earlier Detection

NDR provides much earlier detection & response than other solutions.

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Unique AI Algorithms

Detect suspicious and harmful activities in just 6 hours with unique AI Algorithms and ML capabilities.

Empowering  Cyber Resilience

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Precision Threat Insight

  • Advanced Behavior Analysis
  • Real-Time Anomaly Detection
  • Insightful Threat Intelligence
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Flexible & Scalable Security

  • Cloud & On-Prem Compatibility
  • Easy Integration
  • Scalable for Growth
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Optimized Incident Response

  • Low False Positive Rate
  • Efficient Alert Aggregation
  • Quick Remediation Actions

Cybersecurity Landscape 2023

Dive deep into the current threats, trends, and actionable insights for this year. Equip yourself with knowledge to stay one step ahead in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.

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Cybersecurity Landscape 2023

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"A game-changer for us!

In the telecommunications industry, network security is of paramount importance. With NextRay's Network Detection and Response system, we've seen an outstanding improvement in our threat detection capabilities. Its real-time analysis ensures that our vast network remains uncompromised.

Cyber Security Senior Manager

"Highly recommended!"

In the aviation industry, a minute of downtime can cause massive disruptions. Thanks to NextRay, our response time to threats has reduced significantly. Their solution offers a bird's eye view of potential vulnerabilities, ensuring the safety of our passengers' data and our operational integrity.


"It's become an essential tool in our cybersecurity arsenal."

In the financial world, trust is everything. NextRay's tools has reinforced our digital walls, ensuring our clients' financial data remains protected. Their intuitive platform combined with advanced analytics provides a proactive approach to security.

Head of Cyber Security