Futuristic, Early Threat Detection

To bring the best security solution to our customers through its early-stage threat detection, advanced response capabilities, and proactive services.

Unveiling Insider Threats

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User Behavior Analytics

NextRay detects anomalies in user behavior, identifying potential insider threats and enabling early mitigation.

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Data Exfiltration Detection

NextRay identifies suspicious data transfers and prevents unauthorized exfiltration of sensitive information.

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Privileged User Monitoring

Track and monitor privileged user activities, detecting suspicious behavior and unauthorized actions.

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AL/ML - Assisted Profiling

Using machine learning, NextRay refines user profiles to quickly spot evolving threat patterns.

Unmasking Ransomware

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File and Command Analysis

Analyze files and commands in network traffic, identifying ransomware-related indicators such as known file extensions or suspicious commands.

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Advance Threat Intelligence

Stay updated with current ransomware threats. Enhance detection by comparing activity against known indicators of compromise.

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Machine Learning and AI

Use machine learning and AI algorithms to continuously learn from network behavior, improving ransomware detection accuracy over time.

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Behavioral Analysis

Evaluate network entities' behavior patterns, identifying deviations that may indicate ransomware activity, ensuring proactive threat mitigation.

Diagram illustrating Network Detection and Response technology for cybersecurity, showing real-time monitoring and threat analysis
Diagram illustrating Network Detection and Response technology for cybersecurity, showing real-time monitoring and threat analysis
Diagram illustrating Network Detection and Response technology for cybersecurity, showing real-time monitoring and threat analysis
Diagram illustrating Network Detection and Response technology for cybersecurity, showing real-time monitoring and threat analysis

Tracking Data Exfiltration

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Timing and Behavioral Analysis

Detect threats from internal and external sources. Proactively prevent data breaches and unauthorized access

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Data Transfer and Connection Tracking

Monitor data transfers and connections, identifying unauthorized movements. Enhance data security with advanced tracking.

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Content Filtering

Inspect and analyze data packets to block unauthorized sensitive data exits. Prevent leaks and uphold data integrity.

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Endpoint Traffic Analysis

Analyze traffic from individual devices to catch unusual data requests or transfers, ensuring a granular level of data security.

Elevate Your Network Defense

Stay ahead in the cybersecurity game. With our NDR solutions, gain real-time insights and ensure your organization is shielded from even the most sophisticated threats.

Proactive Threat Detection

NDR allows for real-time threat identification, enabling organizations to act before breaches escalate.

Streamlined Incident Response

NDR provides actionable insights for faster, decisive threat mitigation, reducing response times significantly.

Visibility Across the Network

NDR offers a comprehensive view of the entire network, ensuring no device or segment remains unchecked.

Scalable and Future-Proof Security

Designed to handle evolving threats and network complexities, NDR ensures robust security that grows with your business.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the questions we get the most. If you don't see what's on your mind, reach out to us anytime on phone, chat, or email.

How does NDR handle encrypted traffic?

NDR has the capability to analyze encrypted traffic without decrypting it, ensuring privacy in most scenarios. However, for critical servers or specific requirements, we can deploy certificates to selectively decrypt traffic, providing a deeper insight while maintaining security standards. This allows for a more thorough inspection of suspicious activities while ensuring compliance and data integrity.

Can NDR replace my EDR solution?

While NDR and EDR overlap in some areas, they serve different primary functions. EDR focuses on endpoint activities, whereas NDR emphasizes network traffic. Both solutions complement each other, and having both in place provides a more holistic security posture.

Is NDR suitable for cloud environments?

Yes, modern NDR solutions are designed to work in both traditional on-premises environments and cloud-based infrastructures, providing comprehensive coverage irrespective of where your data resides.

How does NDR integrate with other security tools?

NDR solutions often come with APIs and integration capabilities allowing them to work seamlessly with other security tools like SIEMs, SOARs, firewalls, and more. This ensures a unified and cohesive security response across systems.

What types of threats can NDR detect?

NDR can detect a variety of threats including malware, ransomware, unauthorized data access, and more. It uses machine learning to recognize unusual patterns, making it effective against zero-day threats and advanced persistent threats (APTs) as well.

How does NDR differ from Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)?

While both systems detect threats, NDR focuses on real-time analysis and response across the entire network. IDS mainly identifies known threats based on predefined rules, whereas NDR uses advanced algorithms to detect both known and unknown threats.

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