Protect Every Lesson, Every Connection. Premier NDR Security for Educational Institutions

Maintain Uninterrupted Learning: Elevate Cybersecurity in Education with NextRay NDR

Lighten Your Cybersecurity Burden: Boost Your SoC Teams' Efficiency and Protect Educational Integrity with NextRay NDR

In the educational sector, the seamless operation of digital platforms and networks is essential—not just for administrative efficiency, but for fostering an environment conducive to learning. Disruptions in data management, online learning platforms, or student information systems can severely impact educational outcomes, student engagement, and the institution's reputation.

However, the struggle to secure sufficient funding and resources to counteract cyber threats—a major risk to educational continuity—is a familiar challenge for many educational institutions.

NextRay NDR strengthens your cybersecurity framework by offering automated, real-time detection and response to cyber threats aimed at both Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) systems within educational settings. This protection ensures the safety and continuity of educational services, facilitating uninterrupted learning experiences. Achievable deployment in just an hour, NextRay NDR greatly reduces the risk of cyber interruptions to your educational networks.

By safeguarding the integrity and reliability of educational operations, NextRay NDR lays the groundwork for uninterrupted academic activities, enhancing the learning experience and safeguarding the trust and well-being of students and faculty alike.

Future-Proof Cybersecurity: Total Protection with NDR

NextRay NDR safeguards your telecom networks with AI-powered threat detection and automated intervention. Easy integration and cloud security keep you in control at all times.

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AI-Driven Threat Detection

Instantly spots and blocks sophisticated cyber threats using AI.

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Plug-and-Play Integration

Easily integrates with IT and OT systems, enhancing security seamlessly.

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Cloud Security

Protects cloud assets in IaaS and SaaS with dedicated security measures.

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Behavioral Monitoring

Monitors network behavior in real-time to catch unusual activities early.

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Automated  Response

Quickly neutralizes threats automatically, keeping services uninterrupted.

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Total Visibility

Offers a unified view of both network and cloud environments for complete control.

Improvement in early stage detection
Reduction in false positives.
Average detection time.

A great story always starts with a great team

An esteemed educational institution was grappling with significant cybersecurity vulnerabilities across its multiple campuses and digital learning environments. With a sprawling network that included diverse educational tools and student data repositories, areas without sufficient security coverage were at risk, making the network susceptible to cyber threats that were difficult to detect and analyze, thereby elevating the institution's exposure to cyber risks.

The institution required a comprehensive security solution to bridge these gaps — one that could monitor and protect every aspect of its vast network infrastructure. Our Next-Generation Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution was chosen for its capability to illuminate the network's obscured areas and analyze threats in real-time, providing an all-encompassing cybersecurity shield for the institution's digital ecosystem.

Key Features

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Automated Incident Response

  • Automated response to incidents
  • Real-time data correlation
  • Advanced file extraction & analysis
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Advanced Detection and Investigation

  • Early-stage detection & reporting
  • Detailed investigations with ML capabilities
  • Advanced threat hunting
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Integration and Flexibility

  • Remarkable flexibility with easy integration
  • Easy & swift deployment
  • Unparalleled visibility across network traffic

Tech-Driven Simplicity: Effortless Setup, Maximum Benefit with NextRay NDR

Unlock cutting-edge security with NextRay NDR's plug-and-play deployment. Experience the pinnacle of protection without the complexity, ensuring your network stays secure and agile.

NextRay Ndr Enables You to

Improve mean time to detect

with continuous network monitoring and real time detection

Empower your SOC

with data visualizations and smart NDR alerts

Find threats sooner

with continuous network monitoring and real time threat detection

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